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Rookie Riders

Cyclists participating in a Bike MS ride for the first time

Whether you’re a veteran cyclist or brand new to the sport, if you’re new to Bike MS, we want to ensure your first experience is the best it can be.

Check out the resources below to help you connect with fellow cyclists, learn more about Bike MS, and help you prepare for a great ride.

If you have any questions or needs, contact Heather Carelli at for more information.

Why we ride

Learn about multiple sclerosis so you understand the importance of why we ride.

General tips for rookie riders

Here’s what you need to know to have fun and stay safe on your first Bike MS ride.

  • Learn about group riding. The speed of our riders averages from 10 to 18 miles per hour. Don’t feel like you need to go faster than you’re comfortable with, there are riders of all speeds on this event. We recommend you train or ride frequently with a group to practice riding in a crowd
  • Get your bike inspected and make sure it’s properly fitted at an Official Bike Shop.
  • Get on a training schedule and consider using a training plan such as TrainingPeaks, the official training software for Bike MS.
  • If you didn’t register online, you must complete and return a signed waiver before you can ride.
  • Don’t have a bike? Need padded shorts? Visit one of the Official Bike Shops and while you’re there, pick up some gear that you’ll need for the ride: helmet, gloves, shoes, water bottle or hydration system, spare tubes, cycling shorts and learn bicycle maintenance care.
  • Don’t wait to begin fundraising! The sooner you start the more you can raise.


Don’t let the fundraising requirement intimidate you — the average cyclist raises more than $700. It’s not hard to get there, and we’re here to help you along the way. Once you start telling people why you are riding and where their money goes, you will be surprised at how generous they can be. Set a goal and let our fundraising resources help you get there. Remember to update your goal as you reach it. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers about your plans to ride and why this fundraising event is so important.

Join a team

Being part of a team for Bike MS is a great way to stick to a training schedule while building camaraderie with people who share your interest in cycling and a desire to create a world free of MS. Plus, it makes the weekend of the ride even more fun! Click here to find a local team or contact Heather Carelli at to start your own team.


Click here for tips on stretching, exercise, nutrition, hydration and more. As a Bike MS cyclist, you’ll also receive a free subscription to TrainingPeaks, the official coaching software of Bike MS. Click here to set up your account.

The day of the ride

  • Check the weather and dress for it…We ride rain or shine! Wear padded shorts and gloves.
  • Bring a credit card or a small amount of cash with you in case you need repairs on your bike during the event.
  • Route support will be available throughout the entire ride (Ride Marshals, Bike Medics, SAG vans, & more).
  • Rest Stops: Replenish and hydrate at the official rest stops located along the route every 8-12 miles.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking before you become thirsty!
  • Complimentary lunch on both days and food at the finish.
  • Tent Village designated areas (team tent reservations required).
  • Finish Line: receive your bike MS medal, enjoy music, eat and much more!


Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have.
Feel free to contact us


  • Properly fitted safety approved helmet. It’s the law! (required)
  • Water bottles
  • Identification and emergency numbers
  • Cell phone
    (no talking while riding)
  • Padded cycling shorts
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Cash/Credit Card
  • Cycling gloves

Please leave at home:

  • Fluffy and Fido
    (no pets on the route)
  • Your MP3 player and any other headphones
  • Your children under age 12

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!